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If you search for Patio Installers in Methuen MA you will find D&G Landscaping, a local landscaping company servicing Methuen MA and the surrounding towns. We are a father and son owned business with over 30 years of experience providing residential and commercial customers with landscape and hardscaping projects. 

Experienced Patio Installers in Methuen MA

When you hire D&G landscaping for any outdoor hardscaping project, you will always be guaranteed quality work in an efficient fashion. Our experienced professionals are well equipped to handle all of your patio design and installation needs. Our experts will come to your property and go over it with you, together coming up with the best plan for your new patio. We will work as a team throughout the entire process, as we will listen to your wants and needs, answer questions and provide our industry suggestions to ensure you get your ideal patio situation.

Why a New Patio

Are you interested in adding beauty and practicality to your outdoor living space? A new patio installed by D&G Landscaping will do just that! There are several key benefits to adding a new patio to your home, including:

  • Entertainment
    • Looking to entertain guests or simply enjoy time with the family? Take advantage of the nice weather with a beautiful addition to your outdoor living space. A beautiful new patio is plenty of space to have guests, barbeque and much more!
  • Increase Home Value
    • A new patio is a fantastic way to increase your properties curb appeal and value! At D&G Landscaping, we will make sure your new patio is set up to be well maintained and compliments your home well in order to make your living space more appealing.
  • Low Maintenance Addition
    • A D&G Landscaping patio will be set up for success. Patio's are very durable and are one of the best long lasting investments you can make for your yard. Your patio will be easy to clean and keep well maintained, which will ensure its beautiful look. Any repairs needed on your patio over time will be just as easy to take care of as any worn down parts can be quickly removed and replaced. 

Contact D&G Landscaping for Expert Patio Installers in Methuen MA

If you are ready to enhance your outdoor living space by adding an outdoor patio? Contact the top patio installers in Methuen MA at D&G Landscaping by calling 978-221-7082 or request an estimate online today!

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